Daimler wanted to create a completely new website that would be launched in over 35 markets around the globe. The project setup included seven product teams. Because of this collaborative complexity, Daimler decided to apply the Scalable Agile Framework approach to reliably handle the teamwork. Daimler was looking for a strong technical partner that is well-versed in managing complex agile environments.


Daimler decided to evaluate the technical and project management skills of three agencies over a one-month work-pitch in which all were assigned the same task. The teams were asked to involve Daimler in the project management processes, so that they could experience the workflow first-hand. Amazee excelled in this phase by involving Daimler in our decisions early and proactively. We also leveraged Drupal’s flexibility by developing all features as proof of concepts first, which were then presented and refined later.


Thanks to proactive collaboration and agile working, we met the work-pitch goal in a fraction of the time and set up further value-adding features for Daimler.

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