The goal for Kinderregion was to receive a redesign of the frontend, following the concept of the original website. It had to be done within a snug time frame. It required adjustments including re-styling the frontend and color and adding a blog function. In short, the challenge was to create something complex with a lean budget by re-applying elements throughout the whole site.


We built Kinderregion on the same framework as Zurich Tourismus, which allowed the site to offer highly valuable content in a structured and appealing manner. The events section benefited from the main site’s features, such as instant filters and an interactive map based on ReactJS. Using the Panels suite, we could export the site layout and its domain-specific variants to features. Following the same logic, the home page is based on a panel page with different variants for each domain.


The result is a content-rich website that displays in a coherent and captivating manner that now matches the needs of Kinderregion's main audience – families.

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