The aim was to give the Kendris, a leading Swiss provider of family office, trust and fiduciary services, a new, modern and professional design. Included in this mandate was the integration of applications in Drupal, creating a good user and editor experience and extending the multilingualism of the site to German, French and English.


We derived clickable prototypes from Kendris-developed customer journey mapping and personas. Usability tests were conducted to ensure best possible experience for all users. With multiple services on offer, we grouped them by client type or by type of service required. A contact person is allocated for personal contact with every service offered. Also available is eKENDRIS, a single-sign-on option, which allows customers to register with just one login for all services offered. Since this feature does not require Drupal CMS, it was developed with Symfony2.


We created a contemporary and professional, multilingual website that maximizes usability across a host of services.

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