Scalable Agile Framework

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Take the next leap in agile value creation and go from managing one scrum team to an agile project framework with multiple scrum teams. Amazee will show you how to switch between synchronous and asynchronous communication to manage dependencies in complex environments, resolving them and ultimately bringing your business to the next level.

An increasing number of organizations are embracing agile, iterative project management methodologies to improve client centricity, speed, collaboration, and the ability to respond to market trends. In contrast, traditional project management styles, like waterfall, build in phases and a single, "big bang", high-risk release. Agile avoids this big bang with regular feedback and testing intervals, ensuring a product that works and doesn't end up as an expensive white elephant. Talk to our expert to learn more about the advantages of agile projects and ways of structuring your organization to host and coordinate multiple scrum teams with the precise management of synchronous and asynchronous communication.

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